I've been working as a photographer and filmmaker for the last 20 years. During this time I have seen Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom Capture One, DaVinci and other apps evolve to what they are today. That's a lot of years of development!
The roles of photographers and filmmakers are merging and the demand for artist that can work across media is growing. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, I will adapt the course for you and help you advance. 
The first course is Premiere Pro, but later on I will be able to offer Photoshop, Lightroom, DaVinci.
If you want something tailored for you, don't hesitate to contact me.
​​​​​​​Video Editing in Premiere Pro is a five-day online course designed for beginners and professionals in photography, film, and journalism, as well as those looking to expand and deepen their skills in post-production and explore new income-generating opportunities.
The evolving media landscape has increased the demand for versatile skills and the ability to work across different media. Professionals such as photographers, journalists, communicators, and artists now need to produce film as part of their daily work.
The aim of this course is to equip you with the video editing skills that are in demand in the market. Throughout the course, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in video editing and other aspects of post-production. By the end of the course, you will master all stages of the video editing process, from importing material to exporting the final film.
You will also develop a deeper understanding of editing as a language and how films communicate with their audience.
The training is conducted entirely online in a virtual classroom. The course content is tailored to the individual participants' prior knowledge.
We will also cover practical theory related to editing to enhance your understanding of the choices an editor makes and how these impact the audience's experience. The goal is for you to be able to answer questions such as when to cut, to what, and why, and how these choices affect the audience's perception, understanding, and emotional response.
- Import, export
- Interface and tools
- Playing, selecting, and sorting material
- Drag-and-drop editing
- Three-point editing
- Trimming clips
- Managing multiple video and audio tracks
- Effects
- Audio mixing
- Keyframes
- Color grading
- Titles
- Management and backup of material and projects
- Efficient workflows
- 15.500 kr
- All materials needed to complete the course are included in the course fee. This includes course literature, exercises, and video materials.
- The course is conducted remotely, in a virtual classroom.
- All lectures are recorded.
- Good computer skills
- Computer
- Premiere Pro license
- Two screens for convenience

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