I've been working as a photographer for the past 18 years with clients from all around the world. Every job starts with listening to people's stories and needs. I've done fashion, advertisement, ecommerce, music, covers, magazines and everything in between. But what I have come to love are the small teams and subject. Sometimes it's just me and a model. 
That's when I create my best work.
I believe that listening is the key to my work. I take in everything with an open mind and no preconceptions. And the less people we are, the more fluent the job is. Then, true beauty is revealed. We let our guard down and allow ourselves to be seen. Your story is special and deserves to be told in its own way.
So, a few years ago I was working as an employee at a fashion brand in Sweden. It was under new management and a lot was not working as intended. Meanwhile I lost both my parents to cancer and was unable to balance it all up. Something had to be done. After several doctors, one finally listened to me, my story and my problems. I slowly became aware of what had to be done, and in the end she saved my life.
And, as the story goes, she was about to get married and asked me if I knew any good photographers. So I ended up shooting my doctors wedding. Stories are everywhere. 
Some of the people I've met have become close friends, others resulted in adventures or work. But all of them have enriched my life and allowed me to do what I love - telling their stories.​​​​​​
I have faith in the  bond that exists, not only between people, but also to the land and environment where events unfold. Whether I am at somebody's home or in an unfamiliar setting, I recognize that the location have been chosen for a specific reason. Prior to the shoot, I typically arrive a few days earlier to get a feel for where I am and the story I'm about to tell. 

As every wedding celebration is unique, I avoid assuming that yours will follow a specific structure, and I remain flexible in my approach. But it's safe to say that every wedding have some core values like love, stories and friends.

It's all about people. 
It really doesn't matter where your wedding takes place, outside you local supermarket or the top of Kebnekaise.

I would love to be there with you and tell your story.
I understand that weddings can be costly, and hiring a photographer can add to the expenses. 

While I'm unaware of your budget, I'd like to share my current offerings as a starting point. However, please keep in mind that we can always discuss and tailor the package according to your requirements.

Full day: 39 000kr
- Every good image included with basic editing.
Half day: 22 000kr
- Every good image included with basic editing.
2 hours: 13 000kr
- 20 edited images included
1 hour: 7 000kr
- 10 edited images included
Where are you based?
I work from Stockholm, Sweden.

The only way to secure a date is to pay a deposit.

How does payment work?
When you book me you are required to pay the booking deposit.
Your date is then secured.

How are the images delivered?
Your images are delivered online in digital format.

When are the images delivered?
Depending on the volume of images, around 4-6 weeks.
Most important thing is to deliver a quality job

Can I get a discount?
Actually, you can. If you recommend me to another couple and I get a confirmed booking.
Every job is carefully considered but not all are accepted.
Let's talk and see if it's meant to be!
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